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The United States of America provides high-quality and innovative education systems. The USA has highly valuable research opportunities over and above recruitment support and network-building opportunities. International students can apply for a four-year undergraduate course and later continue with a two-year master’s program. International students can directly apply for their masters through research and their doctorate program. Be it studying engineering, science courses, humanities courses, or even a doctoral thesis, the USA will provide you with the best education and career opportunities in the world. Are you looking for consultation regarding studying in the USA?  

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Life In USA

The USA is vastly different from any other country. The USA welcomes many international students every year, especially from India. The USA is well-known for its studies and mostly goal-oriented candidates only visit the USA. The lifestyle of the USA is different from any other country and you will surely enjoy the country after visiting it.

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Why Study in USA?

Why Study in USA?

Employee opportunities

Rules and works are very strict in the USA. International students are not allowed to work during their first year in the country. Students will get part-time jobs with some of the special conditions after the first year. On-campus employment continues to remain the best for international students and is easily available. Sometimes jobs may not be related to what you are studying. Candidates can be allowed to work full-time during their breaks and holidays, as they are on good terms with their faculty. Students can easily work for 20 hours a week. Another thing to take care of is that the job must not take away a job from our citizens. OPT(Optional Practical Training) or CPT(Curricular Practical Training) may also apply to you and will be closely governed by the USCIS. A student is also expected to build their network during their time at the college or university and find ideal employment opportunities for themselves. Finding a job in the USA is all about being proactive.


Education costs in the USA are pretty expensive compared to India. Private universities in the USA charge higher tuition fees than public colleges. Public colleges have huge support in terms of their reliance on state funds. Due to the higher quality of education, infrastructure, and career opportunities, they charge a very high amount of fee. Yearly expenditure for students in a college in the USA, counting living expenses and tuition can range from $15,000 to $35,000. Some of the top colleges can charge up to $60,000 per year in tuition and other ancillary costs. Many scholarships are offered to foreign students based on merit and need. The application process for these scholarships may vary depending on the university or state where the student is applying.

Our Students Feedback

Our Students Feedback

Do You Have Questions?

Do You Have Questions?
What average score/mark is required to pursue higher studies in the USA?

An impressive number of international students go to the USA for their quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities. Students aspiring to study in the USA for an undergraduate program need at least 65% (humanities) or 70-80% (Science or Commerce) in 12th grade. Alternatively, American universities also consider the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or Common Admission Test (CAT) scores. IELTS is a standardised requirement in most of the universities. Typically, a minimum of 600-800 in SAT and 7.0 in IELTS is regarded to get admission to US universities. Some universities, however, may require student students to submit all of these with the application form and fee receipt.

Can I apply to more than one course or university in the USA?

Yes, students can apply for multiple courses and universities in the USA. Not only does it increase their chance of selection but also gives them the option to choose if they get into multiple universities. Students fill out multiple courses available at the university in their application forms. Additionally, they can apply to a maximum of 20 universities to keep their options open. The universities, of course, charge for each application between $50-$100. So, make sure to understand the admission criteria and acceptance rate of the course you’re applying for.

Is studying in the USA too expensive?

Tuition fees are a significant expense for international students aspiring to study in the USA. Indian students can expect an annual expense of INR 20 Lakh to INR 30 Lakh as the cost of education while that for a living could be estimated at around INR 6.7 Lakh to INR 13.5 Lakh. This excludes the travelling expenses when moving to the USA and the visa fee of INR 12,800. However, both these estimates are based on the student’s location, course, university and lifestyle. Students can manage these costs with scholarships, grants, sponsorships and other financial aids.

Can I study in the USA without IELTS?

To obtain a USA student visa, students from English-speaking countries must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language. Students need language fluency to cope with the curriculum and instructions of the university. Therefore, IELTS is the most common test required by the universities. However, students who graduated from a school/college with their main language as English can present their academic records with a letter of confirmation from their prior institute. Some universities may require students to enrol on their English language preparation course. This ensures that they have a fundamental learning of the language and can excel in their academia.

What is the acceptance rate in American universities?

The acceptance rate of a college/university determines how challenging it will be to secure admission to it. Not only do the top universities in the US have a low acceptance rate but the competition to get into any of them is fierce. Harvard University has the lowest acceptance rate of 3.43%, followed by Princeton University with 3.8% and Stanford University with 3.9%. Students must have a highly exceptional academic and personal record to even be on the waiting list. In fact, there are only a few universities that have a 100% acceptance rate. Among them are Colorado State University, Weber State University, and Cameron University.

Can I work during my course in the USA?

Working outside the campus is not legal for international students with F1 visas in the US. Students can work on-campus for up to 20 hours per week during the term. Off-campus employment refers to the jobs inside the campus or at a location affiliated with the school. During holidays and vacation periods, students can also work full-time or 40 hours a week. The federal minimum wage for students in the USA is 7.25 USD per hour. Furthermore, as these jobs depend on skills, type and location, students can expect to get paid 15 USD per hour or more.

What are the documents required for a USA visa?

To pursue a full-time program in the USA, international students need an F1 visa. On the other hand, an M1 visa allows students to take vocational courses. All institutions in the US are certified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and need to share their certificate with students to put in their visa files. Other than that, to apply for a US student visa, students also need a valid passport, results of an English proficiency test and proof of funds. They don’t necessarily need IELTS scores or Duolingo tests and can accept academic records from previous English-medium institutions. US F1 visa applications cost INR 15,390 and also require a minimum maintenance fund of at least INR 833,120.

What is an I-20 form?

The I-20 form is a certificate of eligibility issued by the universities in the USA. Universities are only eligible to issue this if they are verified by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).With the I-2p form, students their I-201 SEVIS fee. F1 student visas as well as M1 student visas are issued based on the expiration date of the program as mentioned in this form. Adhering to the duration, students must complete their course and earn the degree. Students need this document to travel to the USA for any course.

Can I get a Green Card after completing my course in the USA?

After completing a full-time course, graduates can apply for dual intent visa. Non-immigrant visas like H1Bs and L1s expressed dual intent, meaning individuals holding permanent residence in the US while also maintaining their nonimmigrant status. With this, you can eventually apply for a green card. USA hasn’t specified any duration of stay after holding this visa until they can apply for a Green Card, as it largely depends on the job specifics and country of origin. If you have someone who can put a petition on your behalf, it would help you appeal. Employers can also sponsor a green card for their employees through CPT (Curriculum Practical Training) or OPT (Optical Practical Training).

Is it possible for my family to accompany me during and after my studies in the USA?

Yes, students’ families can accompany them during and after their studies in the USA. However, the type of visa varies as per the inclusion of students’ dependents as well as the type. Students coming to study in the USA by themselves need F1 visas for full-time courses and M1 visas for vocational courses. Dependents with full-time students can only accompany them with an F2 visa while those with vocational students need an M2 visa. However, both these visas are applicable only for spouses and children (under 21). Parents or other close family members of a minor student need to apply for a B2 visa. Workers with H1B visas can get their spouses and children to the USA by applying for a H4 visa.

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