The Ultimate Guide about UK Student Visa for Indian Students

Every student has some dreams regarding their higher studies. Studying abroad is one of the most common wishes of the students.

Among the most popular destinations for studying abroad are the US and the UK.

In 2021, the UK received more visa applications by Indian students, especially after easing travel restrictions and the abolition of compulsory quarantine for Indians travelling to the UK.

Reportedly, the ministers are planning to relax immigration restrictions for Indian students also, thereby making it simpler to live and work in the UK.

Every year, students from across key cities in India go to study in the UK. Be it Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore or Ahmedabad.

If you are a student from India who has been accepted to study in the UK, then you will need a visa.

In India, you can consult student visa consultants in Gujarat. A visa consultant can help you fulfill the necessary formalities to get you the right visa that will enable you to study and stay in the UK. The visa can even allow you to work part-time during your study duration.

For international students, the UK student visa depends on their level of study at their institution. As per the UK government, there are four categories of visas for international students.

  • Student visa: For students aged 16 and above to study in higher education institutions. If you’re going to UK universities, a student visa is right for you.
  • Short-term study visa: For students coming to the UK for English language courses lasting more than six months, up to 11 months.
  • Child student visa: This visa enables students, in the age group of 4 to 17 years, to study in the UK’s independent schools, but not in state-funded schools.
  • Standard visitor visa: For students who wish to pursue certain courses of less than 6 months or take examinations.

Essentials for UK student visa application

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), a reference number issued by your education provider in the UK.
  • Adequate funds for your tuition fee and living costs. The tuition fee amount is also listed on the CAS.
  • Proof of your English language proficiency.

The process to get the UK visa in India

  • Check and keep all your documents in order. The student visa application can be filled out online or can be printed, signed, and submitted at the nearest UK visa center.
  • Pay the application fee of 348 pounds. Also, pay the Immigration Health Surcharge*.
  • You can apply for priority service at an additional cost for faster visa processing.
  • Submit your biometrics at your nearest visa centre for BRP* (Biometric Residence Permit), which can be collected after you arrive in the UK from your nearest post office or your institution.

*For studying more than 6 months
If you are in Gujarat, a professional and well-experienced Study in UK Consultants can guide you through the process of your application. For more information, get in touch today!

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