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Fee Status Advice and Suggestions for International Students

They may be classified as Overseas figure-payers, going up to £350,000 If you have British ex-pat scholars at your transnational academy who are looking to study at a university in the UK.  Furnishing advice on figure status to your scholars and parents is easy and can avoid them being classified inaptly, as well as have other benefits to your academy. Studywise International UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad can help you with some advice regarding fee status.

How does good advice on UK University figure status profit your academy?

Improving your destination statistics:

Scholars are more likely to get home offers from all their university choices, including top institutions, If well- advised on figure status. Giving them the freedom to choose the stylish university and course for them – rather than their choice being mandated by where they managed to get Home freights. 

Improving your pupil retention:

 Having clarity on the rules and regulations around figure status will help your parents make further informed choices about their child’s education. You can also retain scholars who would else return to the UK before the sixth form, allowing that this will secure them Home freights when it in fact may not.   

Increase confidence and reduce stress at operation time:

Having a strong case for Home freights gives scholars and parents peace of mind during the operation period and reduces the stress of having to appeal a figure status decision( which can take months). Clarity on a pupil’s figure status will speed up offers from the universities, allowing your scholars to just concentrate on which offer to choose. 

How can you support your scholars and parents with their figure status queries? 

Get them allowing about it beforehand:

Don’t stay until the sixth form to encourage your scholars and parents to suppose about figure status. We recommend that Times 9 or 10 overhead have access to this information so they can make informed opinions about their living/ work/ study/  trip plans well ahead of their operation to the university.  

Book a webinar with us:

Studywise International offers free webinars for seminaries on figure status that you can invite your scholars and parents to so they can be well-informed on figure status. communicate with us to bespeak a webinar.  

Share our blog:

Studywise International has loads of free advice on figure status that helps families navigate this complex content on our Blog.  UK Study Options are leading experts on UK University Fee Status, and we’ve helped over 1,000 families with their figure status queries. We’re trained in how to assess figure status.

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