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Fee Status Advice and Suggestions for International Students

They may be classified as Overseas figure-payers, going up to £350,000 If you have British ex-pat scholars at your transnational academy who are looking to study at a university in the UK.  Furnishing advice on figure status to your scholars and parents is easy and can avoid them being classified inaptly, as well as have other benefits to your academy. Studywise International UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad can help you with some advice regarding fee status.

How does good advice on UK University figure status profit your academy?

Improving your destination statistics:

Scholars are more likely to get home offers from all their university choices, including top institutions, If well- advised on figure status. Giving them the freedom to choose the stylish university and course for them – rather than their choice being mandated by where they managed to get Home freights. 

Improving your pupil retention:

 Having clarity on the rules and regulations around figure status will help your parents make further informed choices about their child’s education. You can also retain scholars who would else return to the UK before the sixth form, allowing that this will secure them Home freights when it in fact may not.   

Increase confidence and reduce stress at operation time:

Having a strong case for Home freights gives scholars and parents peace of mind during the operation period and reduces the stress of having to appeal a figure status decision( which can take months). Clarity on a pupil’s figure status will speed up offers from the universities, allowing your scholars to just concentrate on which offer to choose. 

How can you support your scholars and parents with their figure status queries? 

Get them allowing about it beforehand:

Don’t stay until the sixth form to encourage your scholars and parents to suppose about figure status. We recommend that Times 9 or 10 overhead have access to this information so they can make informed opinions about their living/ work/ study/  trip plans well ahead of their operation to the university.  

Book a webinar with us:

Studywise International offers free webinars for seminaries on figure status that you can invite your scholars and parents to so they can be well-informed on figure status. communicate with us to bespeak a webinar.  

Share our blog:

Studywise International has loads of free advice on figure status that helps families navigate this complex content on our Blog.  UK Study Options are leading experts on UK University Fee Status, and we’ve helped over 1,000 families with their figure status queries. We’re trained in how to assess figure status.


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State of Purpose (SOP) for UK Student Visa

The State of Purpose is a pivotal part of the UK pupil visa operation process. This document provides crucial information about why you wish to study in UK and how your studies will profit you and your future. The bribe must be written with perfection, delicacy, and clarity if it’s to make a print on immigration officers and secure a successful outgrowth for your visa operation. In this blog post, we will bandy everything you need to know about writing an effective bribe for a UK pupil visa. We will cover motifs similar to what should be included, where to get help with writing it, tips on making sure yours stands out from others, as well as other handy advice that can give you the stylish chance of success in securing your pupil visa! A Statement of Purpose is important for admission to a course. It can describe your chops, qualifications, and provocations. A good bribe can make your operation stand out, indeed if you have achieved average results in your former qualifications.

Let’s check some Do’s and Don’ts while working on an SOP for a UK Student Visa:


An instigative launch and an inspiring end are the introductory constituents of an amazing SOP. Compactly mention the academic background, exploration, and unborn pretensions while applying for a master’s degree or postgraduate degree, while short-term pretensions and career exposure is each you need to specify for a bachelorette’s degree. easily address your once, present, and unborn pretensions with your field of interest. Precisely review the applicable university program runners on the website to ensure that you&’re eligible for this program and meet the admission criteria.


Write at most the required number of words, don’t limit the count. Follow the correct fountain size, format, and template. Don’t include particular or family information or circumstances. Nothing about it relates to bribes. Don’t mention your IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT scores, etc. This is an element of your operation. reiteration of information in the operation may lead to rejection. Avoid exorbitantly general language, copied information, and content espoused from websites. SOPs should be open, transparent, and meaningful as SOPs are always rejected due to poor correlation from launch to finish. Don’t supplicate.

Words like suppose, believe, feel" generally get admissions panels’ attention. It should be written appreciatively to show that you aren’t a utopian and have a clear vision of your future pretensions. Refrain from hiding information or wrong data in your SOPs.

SOPs Guidelines for Writing bribe for a UK Student Visa

There are several guidelines that campaigners must rigorously follow. They are given below for your reference.

  • Standard bribe word count.
  • Unique fabric accentuations. Explain what to say to the compendiums.
  • At this position of English proficiency, there should be no grammatical or verbal crimes, unlike in other countries similar to Australia.

Conditions for SOPs for the UK Student Visa the SOP for the UK pupil visa model is kindly to the one written for universities. still, you must include the following:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Country name
  • Program & university
  • Former seminaries and council’s name
  • Marks, chance, and GPA
  • Dates of former degree completion
  • Chosen program/ subject.
  • Target university name
  • SOP Format for UK Student Visa

While writing an SOP, you should follow a format. The preface, body, and conclusion comprise the SOP’s three-part structure. preface This is the stylish part of SOPs. Scholars should be specific when addressing this paragraph and express their interest in a career in a particular area. They can start by writing a great story around their career pretensions. This report should punctuate their interests, accomplishments, capacities, and unborn pretensions. bribes should also punctuate their academic strengths and chops.

It may also include answers to all the questions listed below:

  • How has the course helped shape your career?
  • Why did you choose the UK as a place to study?
  • What’s your moxie in the area in question?
  • What are the specifics of the university that you’re interested in?
  • What pursuits and interests round your career pretensions?
  • Will you do exploration or get a job after scale?

This section should reflect on one academic gests, achievements, and challenges. also, this section should also include information about work experience and future career pretensions. The aspirant must describe their academic capacities and how they will profit them in the future. Through it, applicants can add their leadership rates. In this way, the compendiums get essential information about the executive capacity and organization of the campaigners. aspirants applying for advanced education can also mention the name of their award and professional qualification. They can show how they intend to reach great heights in their careers through hard work and perseverance. This way, the admissions officers learn that campaigners can succeed in their company and perform their duties well.


In this regard, aspirants should concentrate on why they’ve chosen a particular university in the UK as their place of study. They can concentrate on the graces of the degree or do good exploration on the same subject. The last part will affect the desire of the seeker to continue tutoring in the chosen academy. The last part should be good in the form of the system. It should also demonstrate the determination and desire of those who want to pursue a transnational career in the UK or make a change in one area. This will produce a lasting print on the admissions staff by pressing why they’re good campaigners for the course.

Studywise International provides the Best Student Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad for the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada & gets expert advice for applying to Top Universities.


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Want to Study in the UK? De Montfort University Has Its Own Set of Perks

De Montfort University is known for providing students with quality and world-class education teaching over 12,000 students while taking 1000 international students per year abroad. This institute was founded as the Leicester School of Art traced back in 1843. Studying in DMU has its own sets of perks and benefits. Read more to explore why you should consider studying there.

The most important reason for an international student to consider while selecting DMU is academic benefit as DMU has highly ranked skilled teachers and a wide variety of courses to offer. The excellent academic environment for students plays like a brownie point. The university is also home to a few world-renowned research centers, which means that students have access to cutting-edge facilities and resources. DMU offers many scholarships specially to international students.

Another main reason for students to consider DMU is because of its tuition fees which is some of the most affordable in the UK making a great option for students to stay within budget line. DMU provides excellent student support services with dedicated team of advisers for guidance on a range of issues from visas and immigration to DMU student accommodation and finance.

Let’s explore more about De Montfort University’s campus life and how the living situation looks like over there. The campus is in the city center of Leicester which is about two hours from London by train. It’s comparatively small campus but it has everything you need including computer labs, library, canteen and plus a few more restaurants. Leicester thrives on diversity; international students will meet a range of people from different backgrounds throughout their time studying at De Montfort University. As for housing, most international students choose to live in the on-campus residence halls. There are also several off-campus options available, but these can be more expensive. Regardless of where you choose to live, you’ll be close to all the university’s facilities and within walking distance of the city center.

The most catching point is that De Montfort University offers a wide range of high-quality courses, which are delivered and offered at budget friendly fees and are specially designed to challenge and inspire you and enhance your skills and knowledge to achieve success in your career. They offer a personalized approach to learning and the small class sizes mean that you will get the individual support that you need to succeed.

There are plenty of reasons to study at De Montfort University, but if you’re an international student looking for a great career opportunities and placement rate, then this is the perfect place for you. The career opportunities available to students who study at De Montfort University are incredible. There are so many companies and organizations that are looking for talented individuals to join their team, and many of them are more than happy to offer positions to international students.

The placement rate for students who graduate from De Montfort University is also very impressive. This means that if you’re looking for a job after graduation, you’ll have a much better chance of finding one if you study in UK De Montfort University. So, if you’re an international student looking for a great place to study, with plenty of career opportunities and a high placement rate, then De Montfort University is the perfect choice for you.

To give a final thought there are many reasons to consider De Montfort University which offers high-quality education, has a wide range of degree programs, and is in a vibrant city. The university has a strong commitment to international students, providing support services and opportunities to help you succeed. If you are looking for a complete perfect package to pursue your studies, DMU should be in your checklist option. If you’re looking for a university that offers great value for money, top-quality teaching, and strong employability prospects, then De Montfort University is worth considering. Overall, De Montfort University is a great choice for international students looking for a high-quality education in a vibrant and welcoming city.

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Want to study in UK’s Top Universities in Jan’2023 Intake?

UK is the paradise for higher education and one of the best environments to stay in. The UK is one of the most popular global educational hubs known for top-class educational institutions, vibrant campuses, multicultural communities, and cultural attractions. Being home to world’s best universities, UK offers a wide variety of courses for all to choose from, helping to get a high-paying job.

The UK universities have two primary intakes i.e., September & January. So, if the UK is your dream study destination and you are inquiring of studying in your dream university then you have come to the right place. In this read you can take a sneak peek into the second most popular intake- the January intake and an overview about a complete list of top universities to apply for the January intake for Indian students. Welcoming and culture with a higher quality of life, the UK is a perfect destination for higher education due to its Top Ranked Universities, Easy Work Permits, Variety of Courses, Opportunities abound.

September intake is the most important intake as compared to January intake as January intake provides a chance for students to students who missed last year’s September intake. Also, the January intake is perfect for students who want some more time in completing their pre-university education during the summers or to work on their applications and arrange necessary financial resources.

There are nevertheless endless perks of September intake, but January intake is a survival intake for the students who couldn’t got through the September Intake. However, the choice of subjects in the January intake gets limited, students who have delayed their studies to improve their IELTS scores or want to apply for a specific program choose January intake. In January intake student gets more time to work on college applications as well as better understanding of the options to choose their relevant course with less competitive environment.

Here is list of the Top Universities offering January Intake:

1. University of West London

The University of West London is a public research university established in 1860 in the UK. The university has campuses in Ealing and Brent ford, Greater London, and Reading, Berkshire. The university comes in the top 10 universities in the UK for teaching quality and ranks in the top 100 universities in the UK for the overall quality of research. List of Master’s Programs that the University of West London offers in various fields: Education & Training, Journalism & Media, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences, Humanities.

2. De Montfort University

De Montfort University is one of the leading universities for art and design in the UK. Students are offered an amazing range of more than 20 different subject areas, excellent studios and workshops and high-quality teaching. With a highly ranked teaching quality and a wide variety of courses on offer, DMU provides an excellent academic environment for students from all over the world. The university is also home to a few world-renowned research centers, which means that students have access to cutting-edge facilities and resources. DMU offers more than 300 courses in areas such as Business, Law, Art, Design, Humanities, Media, Engineering, Energy, Computing, Sciences, and Social Sciences and many more.

3. University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich is a public university located in London and Kent, United Kingdom. University of Greenwich ranks 551st position on the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2023 and at 901st position on the QS World University Rankings 2023 indicating the progress attained by the university and the commitment of its faculties to provide high quality education. Courses offered by the university are Business & Management Medicine & Health, Engineering & Technology, Arts, Design & Architecture, Social Sciences, Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences, Computer Science & IT, and many more.

4. Leeds Beckett University

The university located across two campuses in Headingley and the city Centre, ranks 110 by The Complete University Guide 2022. List of Master’s Programs that Leeds Beckett University offers in various fields: Business & Management, Hospitality, Leisure & Sports, Medicine & Health, Social Sciences, Education & Training, Arts, Design & Architecture, Law, and many more.

5. Kingston University

Founded in 1899, Kingston University is a technical and public research university located in Southwest London, England. It has campuses in and around Kingston, UK. The institution is highly ranked in many factors. Ranked in the UK’s top 50 in the Guardian University Guide 2022, 3rd in the UK, and top in London education, fashion, and textiles. List of Master’s Programs that Kingston University offers in various fields: Business & Management, Arts, Design & Architecture, Medicine & Health, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Applied Sciences & Professions, Computer Science & IT.

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Wish to study abroad? Choose your educational consultancy wisely

Wish to study abroad? You have landed to the correct reading. Studying in the UK is one of the precious dreams for many, but what most fear is the process to choose the best university for you. But just choosing a university does not end the process, in fact, it is just the start. You could choose the wrong course, not submitting correct documents, missing deadlines, and not planning everything out properly might cause a stop in your dream, even before it begins.

A professional consultancy is all you need when you have made your mind to study abroad. An important decision needs an end-to-end solution starting from in which university to study till reaching there with complete satisfaction. The whole process comprises of selecting university, collecting all documents, clearing the interview process of university, finalizing the accommodation, booking tickets and getting visa; this all can be done very smoothly if you choose a right consultancy which can make the process easy and convenient. There are many consultancies out there to help students in this whole process but choosing a right consultancy to reach to your goal is very much important.

Studywise International is a leading advisory based out in Ahmedabad; providing end to end support throughout the process from receiving delivery letters to airline to abroad. Studywise International is one door solution to all the activities involved in getting your dream come true. Whether you want to study in UK/US or Canada, Studywise International is one roof to make this process very smooth. Studywise International makes you understand how to initiate the process, as well as they make you prepare confidently to crack the interview as well. They stand by with you at every step so that you don’t face any hassles anywhere. Studywise International has education advisors, visa specialists & interview trainers for a smooth and peaceful journey with 100% visa guarantee.

Just take a step ahead with Studywise International and we’ll stick behind till you reach to your destination with complete satisfaction. Come and join hands with us and learn about different course offerings, eligibility requirements, admissions to prestigious universities, career goal and future paths. The best way to get started with the journey is to have hope & believe in yourself.

You dreamt it; now let’s do it!

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Wondering about the cost of an Undergraduate Degree in the UK?

UK being one of the most popular and beautiful study destinations in the world, more than thousands of students from many countries move to the UK each year to start their undergraduate degrees. UK provides great choice to both British and international students for UG; PG courses. The benefits of UK higher education are numerous; unrivalled student experience, globally recognized education, excellent career prospects, and more but studying in the UK can be costly and families need to plan and budget Effectively.

There are three main areas of costs that families need to consider when planning for university in the UK: tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees in the UK vary depending on whether you a local or international student. Home students pay tuition fees of between £1,820 and £9,250 a year, depending on which UK country you study in. Most students can apply for a government-provided tuition fee loan that covers the cost of this and is paid directly to your university. For international students, undergraduate degrees begin at around £10,000 per year and can go as high as £61,000 per year, depending on the course you’re applying to.

Tuition fees also vary depending on the university you’re considering – more competitive institutions tend to charge higher fees. Some universities also charge international students additional college fees of around £10,000 per year. It’s best to check the fees for any course you’re thinking of applying to for the year that you are applying, as fees tend to go up each year by around 5-10%. International students aren’t eligible for the tuition fee loan.

UK bachelor’s degrees are usually 3 years in duration for most subjects although some degrees may be longer such as Engineering, Architecture, Veterinary Science, Medicine, and Dentistry. Scottish bachelors are typically 4 years. Before starting to budget for the cost of tuition fees, you need to check the duration of the course you are interested in.

Accommodation and Living Expenses

The rented student accommodation was about £166 per week on average in 2021-22, while private accommodation cost £155 per week for an en-suite room in a house-share and £228 for a studio flat. Of course, this varies hugely across the country. Rural and northern towns tend to be cheaper, while cities and popular tourist destinations are far pricier. In London, costs were significantly higher. University accommodation averaged at £212 per week and private rooms averaged at £259.

Living expenses

Living expenses meanwhile, sit around £389 per month. This includes everything from groceries and gift-giving to health expenses and household bills. Students with family abroad will likely have higher travel costs too, so that’s something to factor in.

Overall, students can pay between £600 and £1,100 a month on accommodation and living expenses. Online student calculators are a great tool for adding up the cost of living and comparing costs in different parts of the country to be able to budget more efficiently. Once again, home students are eligible for a government maintenance loan to go towards their cost of living. The amount is based on your household income and in 2022-23 ranges from £3,597 to a maximum of £12,667 (for someone studying away from home in London) per year.

So, before deciding have a glimpse on all these expenses and plan accordingly. Studywise International can guide you in the best way to clear your doubts.

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What Is A ‘sandwich’ Course And Why Take One?

A ‘sandwich’ course is a degree course that includes time spent on a placement, often in industry or business, away from the university. The sandwich program in the UK allows you to stay back in the country for an additional year besides a great exposure of your chosen industry. ‘Sandwich’ courses can be ‘thick’ or ‘thin’ and are favored by a few high-ranking universities.


A few UK universities including Bath, Lancaster, Surrey, Loughborough, and Aston are particularly keen for students to take advantage of this type of course. Placements usually take place after the second year of the degree course, so students will spend the first two years of their degree studying at Bath, followed by a ‘sandwich’ year on placement before returning for their final year(s) of studies.


Modern Language courses typically follow this pattern with Year 3 being spent abroad either teaching in a school, studying at a university or working in an industrial placement. Many other subjects offer placements and include Business, Engineering, Finance, Psychology and Sport Studies.


Although ‘sandwich’ courses are usually one year longer because of the placement there can be significant advantages:


It becomes a add on while applying for job or at the time of placement as employers are increasingly looking for applications that stand out. 

The development of skills and understanding that will help during the remaining year(s) of study.

The possibility of full-time employment with the placement company after graduation.

Insight into how the principles, skills and knowledge developed during the course are applied in a work environment.


If the placement is in a relevant field, the student may be able to attract a higher starting salary or a more senior position upon graduation.


There are two types of sandwich courses in the UK: Thick and Thin Sandwich Courses.


  1. Thick Sandwich Courses consist of one year of internship or work experience in a company. In these courses, you first study for two to three years and take up the placement in the third year.
  2. In Thin Sandwich Courses, you get two to three internships in different years. For instance, there will be 6-months of industry experience in your first year and then another 6-months in your third year. 


Eligibility Criteria for Sandwich Courses in the UK


The eligibility criteria for Sandwich Courses in the UK are the same as other programs in the UK.


Here are the main requirements to study in the UK.


  • At least 60% from a recognized university.
  • Proof of English proficiency tests such as TOEFL/IELTS.
  • GMAT/GRE scores for master’s degrees.
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendations (LOR)
  • Updated CV
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)


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Uk University Fee Status Myths And Assumptions

UCAS application is in at last after which universities might be asking you to fill in a Fee Status Questionnaire (FSQ). There are some of myths that expatriate families may have about fees status. So, the universities are partly funded by the UK Government and they must undertake due diligence in identifying students who have right to UK tuition fees. 

Scrutiny is given to students applying for costly degrees such as lab-based courses, veterinary, dentistry and medicine. Fee status forms are sent to students who are based overseas and some who are based in the UK to establish which category of student they are and whether they are entitled to UK fees. The FSQ forms are for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Myth: we don’t need to worry about fee status until my son/daughter applies to university.


The more later you think about fees status, the worst scenario pops up. You should be planning for fees status at least 3 years before the start of the university so that you can adapt your all living and traveling plans to make sure you have a rock-solid case when you do go to apply.

Myth: a UK passport is enough to entitle my son/daughter to Home fees.

To have British passport, British citizenship is not enough, you also need to show that you maintain your ‘ordinary residence’ in your home country by visiting as a family often enough and for a long period. You don’t have to be a British citizen to be eligible for Home fees – asylum seekers, ‘Leave to Remainers’ and refugees may also be entitled to UK fees.

Myth: owning property in the UK should ensure Home fee status.

Not necessarily. It may help to own a property, but alternative homes can be used depending on a family’s circumstances. The important thing to have a ‘home base’ of some sorts.

Myth: being overseas on a visa means that I must return to my home country and therefore should be entitled to UK fee status.

Thousands of expat families are based overseas on a visa which is re-issued every two years or so. Being on a visa does not mean that your son/daughter is automatically entitled to UK fees when starting university in the UK.

Myth: visiting the UK each year for three years before the university will ensure UK fee status.

Some universities ask for evidence of visits back to the UK for a longer period, totally depends upon university’s fee status policy and how strict they are.

Rarely does one element of your case, such as the ‘home base’ or visits to the UK, alone decide your case, rather it is better to think of fee status as an assessment of multiple factors that determine how you case looks overall. Establishing UK fee status is not a simple tick box exercise. It is necessary to demonstrate commitment to your home country, showing that you maintain strong family links with a clear intention to return at some point in the future.

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UK Post Study Work Visa

UK, one of the most beautiful countries to choose for pursuing your studies for its uplift culture and lifestyle. Students often want to explore job opportunities in the same country while pursuing their academic program in the top study destination. If you intend to settle in a country, you must apply for a UK work visa and complete a number of application procedures. The UK post-study work visa permits international students to return to the UK for two years after finishing their graduate studies. For students studying in the UK after September 2020, a two-year work permit is available.


Post Study Work Visa UK Eligibility:

After the implementation of the new rule by the government of the UK, international students can stay in the UK for a maximum of 2 years. Those who registered in 2020/21 can now stay for up to two years before being obliged to upgrade or change their visa or leave the country.

The UK clarifies that any overseas student with a Tier-4 Visa who is enrolled in an approved UK higher education program beginning in September 2020 is eligible for a stay-back term following graduation on a Post Study Visa in the United Kingdom However, in order to obtain a Tier 2 Visa, international students must find suitable employment with a minimum wage of roughly £20,800 (approx. INR 21 lakhs). Those doing a PhD in the UK are also permitted to stay for up to 12 months or one year after graduation.

These new rules came into effect in September 2020. These new rules have allowed post-study visa holder students to search and work in any job until they find work to move towards a general work visa after the first year of their graduation.


Mentioned below are some of the most frequently asked UK student visa interview questions: 

1) Why do you want to visit the UK?

2) What is the duration of your stay in the UK?

3) Why did you choose the UK for your higher studies?

4) Have you visited the UK before?

5) Why did you select this college/university? OR Why do you wish to work in the UK after your studies? 

6) Who is going to cover your expenses in the UK?

7) What do your parents do?

8) Do you have any relatives/friends in the UK?

9) Where will you be staying in the UK?

10) Since when were you plan to work in the UK?


What is the Cost of a UK Post-Study Work Visa?

The cost of UK Post Study Visa is £715 for application fee and £624 healthcare surcharge per year.


What Next After the Visa Expires?

Once the UK work permit expires after 2 years, students or candidates who are ready and want to stay longer in the UK must apply for a skilled work Visa or a general work visa, i.e., the Tier 2 Visa.


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Can You Work on a UK Student Visa? | All in One Guide

Following the announcement of the UK Home Office in July 2021 UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has been accepting Graduate Visa applications. Graduate Visa allows qualified undergraduate or master’s students to stay and work in the UK for up to two years. From 1st to July 2021, international undergraduate or master’s students will be able to stay and work in the UK for two years on the newly announced Graduation Path. Also, PhD students can stay for three years with a Route Visa visa.

The minimum 12-month minimum requirement does not apply if the applicant was required to study outside the UK due to the COVID-19 epidemic. To apply for a Qualification visa, a student applicant must have returned to the UK by 27 September 2021 or before the expiry of his / her student visa, or any other time soon.

The UK has always been an attractive learning environment for Indian students, but staying in the UK after completing your studies can be difficult. Finding a visa advisor is a good first step. In addition to the article listed visa advisors in Gujarat to assist with this process.


  • The applicant is in the UK
  • The applicant currently holds a Student Visa or a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa (now replaced by Student Visa).
  • The applicant has acquired a UK bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree or completed another eligible course for the required period of time on a Student Visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa (now replaced by Student Visa).
  • The education provider (University or College) has informed the applicant of the successful completion.

Notes to take

  • It is important that the Graduate Visa application is submitted to the UK Home Office before the applicant’s current Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa expires.
  • A Graduate Visa cannot be renewed.
  • The start date of the visa will be from the day the application is approved.

Reasons to apply work permit in UK

  • World-Class Universities
  • Modern Learning Environment
  • Affordable College Fees
  • Multiple Intakes
  • Easy Finance Options
  • High Visa Success Ratio
  • Cosmopolitan Place to live
  • Duration: Undergraduate 3 years, Graduate 2 years

Tips to choose a consultant

Choosing an Immigration Consultancy becomes essential given the complex procedures and detailed process for International Visas. However, the numerous agencies that are available can make your choice tough.

Google Reviews:

Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to authorization as traders often say. Be sure to read online reviews of potential immigrant consultants in your online research. This will give you an initial idea of ​​the people’s perceptions of the Agency.

Communication forums

View potential agency communication forums – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will give you the latest updates. A missing, blank or inactive page is an indication that the agency is moving forward and is unreliable.

Past record

Although this is not always the case, usually the best Immigration Consultancy will be in business for many years. View past firm record if it has experienced employees. You can also verify that the CEO of a company has a strong reputation and that you can easily reach out to the company if things go awry.


Good firms have policies and policies in place that help to provide peace of mind to customers. This is where it comes from sharing and managing confidential and sensitive information, as quoted by the Cape Town ETC.

Make sure the URL of the website starts with ‘https’ for secure online payments. The’s’ website indicates that the website is secure and will securely process any credit card payments you initiate.

Background Checking

Moving and moving to a new nation can sometimes involve paying Lakhs for agency rupees. It includes fees paid by the overseas government. You may find it annoying to make such a large payment.

UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad

Study wise international
Studywise provides a visa application process for UK students. It is among the leading UK student visa advisors in Ahmedabad. It provides end-to-end support throughout the process from receiving delivery letters to the airline to the UK. It also provides education advisors, visa specialists, and interview trainers for a smooth journey.

Edugo abroad
Edugo Abroad is Europe’s leading education coordinator in Ahmedabad, India. Specialist visa study specialist for overseas education. The personal support team is able to identify all the needs of our students and advise them accordingly. A collaborative spirit combined with common expert guidance enables a foreign student to learn a dream and achieve it. With 11+ years experience in connecting with foreign education and solid networks to the