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Can You Work on a UK Student Visa? | All in One Guide

Following the announcement of the UK Home Office in July 2021 UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has been accepting Graduate Visa applications. Graduate Visa allows qualified undergraduate or master’s students to stay and work in the UK for up to two years. From 1st to July 2021, international undergraduate or master’s students will be able to stay and work in the UK for two years on the newly announced Graduation Path. Also, PhD students can stay for three years with a Route Visa visa.

The minimum 12-month minimum requirement does not apply if the applicant was required to study outside the UK due to the COVID-19 epidemic. To apply for a Qualification visa, a student applicant must have returned to the UK by 27 September 2021 or before the expiry of his / her student visa, or any other time soon.

The UK has always been an attractive learning environment for Indian students, but staying in the UK after completing your studies can be difficult. Finding a visa advisor is a good first step. In addition to the article listed visa advisors in Gujarat to assist with this process.


  • The applicant is in the UK
  • The applicant currently holds a Student Visa or a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa (now replaced by Student Visa).
  • The applicant has acquired a UK bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree or completed another eligible course for the required period of time on a Student Visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa (now replaced by Student Visa).
  • The education provider (University or College) has informed the applicant of the successful completion.

Notes to take

  • It is important that the Graduate Visa application is submitted to the UK Home Office before the applicant’s current Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa expires.
  • A Graduate Visa cannot be renewed.
  • The start date of the visa will be from the day the application is approved.

Reasons to apply work permit in UK

  • World-Class Universities
  • Modern Learning Environment
  • Affordable College Fees
  • Multiple Intakes
  • Easy Finance Options
  • High Visa Success Ratio
  • Cosmopolitan Place to live
  • Duration: Undergraduate 3 years, Graduate 2 years

Tips to choose a consultant

Choosing an Immigration Consultancy becomes essential given the complex procedures and detailed process for International Visas. However, the numerous agencies that are available can make your choice tough.

Google Reviews:

Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to authorization as traders often say. Be sure to read online reviews of potential immigrant consultants in your online research. This will give you an initial idea of ​​the people’s perceptions of the Agency.

Communication forums

View potential agency communication forums – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will give you the latest updates. A missing, blank or inactive page is an indication that the agency is moving forward and is unreliable.

Past record

Although this is not always the case, usually the best Immigration Consultancy will be in business for many years. View past firm record if it has experienced employees. You can also verify that the CEO of a company has a strong reputation and that you can easily reach out to the company if things go awry.


Good firms have policies and policies in place that help to provide peace of mind to customers. This is where it comes from sharing and managing confidential and sensitive information, as quoted by the Cape Town ETC.

Make sure the URL of the website starts with ‘https’ for secure online payments. The’s’ website indicates that the website is secure and will securely process any credit card payments you initiate.

Background Checking

Moving and moving to a new nation can sometimes involve paying Lakhs for agency rupees. It includes fees paid by the overseas government. You may find it annoying to make such a large payment.

UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad

Study wise international
Studywise provides a visa application process for UK students. It is among the leading UK student visa advisors in Ahmedabad. It provides end-to-end support throughout the process from receiving delivery letters to the airline to the UK. It also provides education advisors, visa specialists, and interview trainers for a smooth journey.

Edugo abroad
Edugo Abroad is Europe’s leading education coordinator in Ahmedabad, India. Specialist visa study specialist for overseas education. The personal support team is able to identify all the needs of our students and advise them accordingly. A collaborative spirit combined with common expert guidance enables a foreign student to learn a dream and achieve it. With 11+ years experience in connecting with foreign education and solid networks to the

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