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Uk University Fee Status Myths And Assumptions

UCAS application is in at last after which universities might be asking you to fill in a Fee Status Questionnaire (FSQ). There are some of myths that expatriate families may have about fees status. So, the universities are partly funded by the UK Government and they must undertake due diligence in identifying students who have right to UK tuition fees. 

Scrutiny is given to students applying for costly degrees such as lab-based courses, veterinary, dentistry and medicine. Fee status forms are sent to students who are based overseas and some who are based in the UK to establish which category of student they are and whether they are entitled to UK fees. The FSQ forms are for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Myth: we don’t need to worry about fee status until my son/daughter applies to university.


The more later you think about fees status, the worst scenario pops up. You should be planning for fees status at least 3 years before the start of the university so that you can adapt your all living and traveling plans to make sure you have a rock-solid case when you do go to apply.

Myth: a UK passport is enough to entitle my son/daughter to Home fees.

To have British passport, British citizenship is not enough, you also need to show that you maintain your ‘ordinary residence’ in your home country by visiting as a family often enough and for a long period. You don’t have to be a British citizen to be eligible for Home fees – asylum seekers, ‘Leave to Remainers’ and refugees may also be entitled to UK fees.

Myth: owning property in the UK should ensure Home fee status.

Not necessarily. It may help to own a property, but alternative homes can be used depending on a family’s circumstances. The important thing to have a ‘home base’ of some sorts.

Myth: being overseas on a visa means that I must return to my home country and therefore should be entitled to UK fee status.

Thousands of expat families are based overseas on a visa which is re-issued every two years or so. Being on a visa does not mean that your son/daughter is automatically entitled to UK fees when starting university in the UK.

Myth: visiting the UK each year for three years before the university will ensure UK fee status.

Some universities ask for evidence of visits back to the UK for a longer period, totally depends upon university’s fee status policy and how strict they are.

Rarely does one element of your case, such as the ‘home base’ or visits to the UK, alone decide your case, rather it is better to think of fee status as an assessment of multiple factors that determine how you case looks overall. Establishing UK fee status is not a simple tick box exercise. It is necessary to demonstrate commitment to your home country, showing that you maintain strong family links with a clear intention to return at some point in the future.

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Study in UK

UK Post Study Work Visa

UK, one of the most beautiful countries to choose for pursuing your studies for its uplift culture and lifestyle. Students often want to explore job opportunities in the same country while pursuing their academic program in the top study destination. If you intend to settle in a country, you must apply for a UK work visa and complete a number of application procedures. The UK post-study work visa permits international students to return to the UK for two years after finishing their graduate studies. For students studying in the UK after September 2020, a two-year work permit is available.


Post Study Work Visa UK Eligibility:

After the implementation of the new rule by the government of the UK, international students can stay in the UK for a maximum of 2 years. Those who registered in 2020/21 can now stay for up to two years before being obliged to upgrade or change their visa or leave the country.

The UK clarifies that any overseas student with a Tier-4 Visa who is enrolled in an approved UK higher education program beginning in September 2020 is eligible for a stay-back term following graduation on a Post Study Visa in the United Kingdom However, in order to obtain a Tier 2 Visa, international students must find suitable employment with a minimum wage of roughly £20,800 (approx. INR 21 lakhs). Those doing a PhD in the UK are also permitted to stay for up to 12 months or one year after graduation.

These new rules came into effect in September 2020. These new rules have allowed post-study visa holder students to search and work in any job until they find work to move towards a general work visa after the first year of their graduation.


Mentioned below are some of the most frequently asked UK student visa interview questions: 

1) Why do you want to visit the UK?

2) What is the duration of your stay in the UK?

3) Why did you choose the UK for your higher studies?

4) Have you visited the UK before?

5) Why did you select this college/university? OR Why do you wish to work in the UK after your studies? 

6) Who is going to cover your expenses in the UK?

7) What do your parents do?

8) Do you have any relatives/friends in the UK?

9) Where will you be staying in the UK?

10) Since when were you plan to work in the UK?


What is the Cost of a UK Post-Study Work Visa?

The cost of UK Post Study Visa is £715 for application fee and £624 healthcare surcharge per year.


What Next After the Visa Expires?

Once the UK work permit expires after 2 years, students or candidates who are ready and want to stay longer in the UK must apply for a skilled work Visa or a general work visa, i.e., the Tier 2 Visa.


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Study in UK

Can You Work on a UK Student Visa? | All in One Guide

Following the announcement of the UK Home Office in July 2021 UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has been accepting Graduate Visa applications. Graduate Visa allows qualified undergraduate or master’s students to stay and work in the UK for up to two years. From 1st to July 2021, international undergraduate or master’s students will be able to stay and work in the UK for two years on the newly announced Graduation Path. Also, PhD students can stay for three years with a Route Visa visa.

The minimum 12-month minimum requirement does not apply if the applicant was required to study outside the UK due to the COVID-19 epidemic. To apply for a Qualification visa, a student applicant must have returned to the UK by 27 September 2021 or before the expiry of his / her student visa, or any other time soon.

The UK has always been an attractive learning environment for Indian students, but staying in the UK after completing your studies can be difficult. Finding a visa advisor is a good first step. In addition to the article listed visa advisors in Gujarat to assist with this process.


  • The applicant is in the UK
  • The applicant currently holds a Student Visa or a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa (now replaced by Student Visa).
  • The applicant has acquired a UK bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degree or completed another eligible course for the required period of time on a Student Visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa (now replaced by Student Visa).
  • The education provider (University or College) has informed the applicant of the successful completion.

Notes to take

  • It is important that the Graduate Visa application is submitted to the UK Home Office before the applicant’s current Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa expires.
  • A Graduate Visa cannot be renewed.
  • The start date of the visa will be from the day the application is approved.

Reasons to apply work permit in UK

  • World-Class Universities
  • Modern Learning Environment
  • Affordable College Fees
  • Multiple Intakes
  • Easy Finance Options
  • High Visa Success Ratio
  • Cosmopolitan Place to live
  • Duration: Undergraduate 3 years, Graduate 2 years

Tips to choose a consultant

Choosing an Immigration Consultancy becomes essential given the complex procedures and detailed process for International Visas. However, the numerous agencies that are available can make your choice tough.

Google Reviews:

Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to authorization as traders often say. Be sure to read online reviews of potential immigrant consultants in your online research. This will give you an initial idea of ​​the people’s perceptions of the Agency.

Communication forums

View potential agency communication forums – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will give you the latest updates. A missing, blank or inactive page is an indication that the agency is moving forward and is unreliable.

Past record

Although this is not always the case, usually the best Immigration Consultancy will be in business for many years. View past firm record if it has experienced employees. You can also verify that the CEO of a company has a strong reputation and that you can easily reach out to the company if things go awry.


Good firms have policies and policies in place that help to provide peace of mind to customers. This is where it comes from sharing and managing confidential and sensitive information, as quoted by the Cape Town ETC.

Make sure the URL of the website starts with ‘https’ for secure online payments. The’s’ website indicates that the website is secure and will securely process any credit card payments you initiate.

Background Checking

Moving and moving to a new nation can sometimes involve paying Lakhs for agency rupees. It includes fees paid by the overseas government. You may find it annoying to make such a large payment.

UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad

Study wise international
Studywise provides a visa application process for UK students. It is among the leading UK student visa advisors in Ahmedabad. It provides end-to-end support throughout the process from receiving delivery letters to the airline to the UK. It also provides education advisors, visa specialists, and interview trainers for a smooth journey.

Edugo abroad
Edugo Abroad is Europe’s leading education coordinator in Ahmedabad, India. Specialist visa study specialist for overseas education. The personal support team is able to identify all the needs of our students and advise them accordingly. A collaborative spirit combined with common expert guidance enables a foreign student to learn a dream and achieve it. With 11+ years experience in connecting with foreign education and solid networks to the


Guide with key Information to help you apply for University in UK

The international desire to study abroad to find a better career and health is a necessity for today’s generation. The UK is one of the most popular destinations for international students. However, getting a student visa to study in the UK can be challenging and time-consuming. To make it easier for Indian students who wish to pursue higher education in the UK, there are new offers that will come into effect from 2022.

Further will provide the best UK students visa consultants in Ahmedabad for reference. Starting with the step-by-step process of the whole journey.

Step1: Prepare to apply

  • Make sure you choose the right qualifications. Special interests are fundamental to bachelors and Masters’s in the UK. When choosing a degree or course, consider your tuition fees.
  • International students outside the EU (European Union) and the EEA (European Economic Area) pay for full courses at UK universities. Also, non-EU / EEA students will not be eligible for loans and grants.
  • Check your bursary eligibility. Check the university entrance requirements, especially find out if you need to do any kind of language test, such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Consider hiring an experienced counsellor who will guide you through the application process.

Step2: how to apply

  • All Bachelor’s degree applications in the UK are submitted via the UCAS (University and College Admission Service) application website.
  • Future Master’s and PhD students can apply directly to the university of their choice.
  • Apply through the UK PASS system. You can fill in all your details online and scan and upload any required documents
  • At UK universities, you have a wide range of English teaching degrees to choose from.

Step3: Required documents

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport, national identification card
  • Reference letters, if required
  • Evidence of English competency
  • Copies of degree/diploma certificates
  • Academic transcripts
  • Graduate applicants may also be required to submit a research proposal

Step4: Application Deadline

  • mid-October: deadline for all Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine courses
  • mid-January: UCAS deadline for EU/EEA students.
  • end of June: deadline for international students from a non-EU/EEA country
  • Many universities have different deadlines for international students (especially for graduate applicants).
  • August: The UCAS Clearing process.

Step5: Final steps after receiving acceptance letter

  • Settle your health insurance.
  • Apply for a UK Student Visa.
  • Some UK universities require you to pre-enrol online on the university website before arriving in the UK.

UK Student visa types:

  • Student visa
  • Child student visa
  • Study English in UK (Short term)

Student Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad:

  • Rao consultants
  • Jamboree Education
  • Orbit Immigration
  • Nationwide Overseas Education
  • Agile consultancy
  • Sky Foreign education

At last:

The best way to get started with the journey is to have hope and believe in yourself. Get acquainted with an expert for smooth delivery of the process.

Your complete guide to applying for a visa to student visa consultants in Ahmedabad.


A Complete Guide to Getting Your International Student Visa

Finally, the stress of getting into your dream university is over, now that you have gotten admission. What awaits now is getting your student visa to study abroad. The process can be stressful and even a bit confusing, but worry not! Get your visa consultants in Gujarat.Here is your easy guide to be prepared for your visa requirements, so that you have no hurdles along the way. 

USA Student Visa

To enrol for academics in the USA, you would require an F1 Visa.

1. Approved I-20 from an accredited Institution.

2. Pay the I-901 SEVIS fee.

3. Fill DS-160 Visa application and pay the student visa fee. Few documents required:

  1. Personal and family details such as education, work history and passport details
  2. Security, background and medical information
  3. SEVIS ID and enrolling institution details
  4. Photograph 

After you have submitted the form it cannot be changed, so carefully fill it up. The student visa fee can be paid online or through other modes.

4. Schedule 2 appointments with at least a 1-day gap.

5. Visit the Visa application centre (VAC).

6. Embassy or Consulate: You need your passport number, the fee payment date and 10 digit barcode generated on the DS-160 confirmation page

7. Complete the visa interview and have the documents:

  • A Passport that has a validity of at least 6 months
  • Signed SEVIS Form I-20
  • SEVIS I-901 fee receipt
  • DS-160 application confirmation page with barcode and application ID
  • MRV fee payment confirmation receipt
  • A printed copy of the appointment letter
  • Photographs in the required format
  • Transcripts from institutions attended. Work history
  • Scores/Certificates from standardized tests
  •  Financial documents to show that there are enough funds to cover all expenses for the first year of study 

Canada Student Visa

Students need a Study Permit if their course is more than 6 months in duration.

1. Admission to a Designated Learning Institute (DLI)

2. The visa application process: The application for a study permit can be processed either online or through a paper application. You can also use the optional Student Direct Scheme, by paying the applicable fee and submitting the required documents. The documents you would require are:

  • Letter of acceptance from a DLI. For DLIs in Quebec, an additional acceptance certificate called Quebec Acceptance Certificate(CAQ) 
  • Proof of adequate funds available to pay the fees and manage expenses
  • Fee payment receipt
  • Transcripts, diplomas, and degrees from schools attended
  • Immigration medical examination (IME) certificate from empanelled doctors
  • Passport valid at least for six months
  • Passport size photographs as mentioned
  • Statement of Purpose, explaining the purpose of your trip to Canada and the reason for choosing the DLI.
  • Scores from standardized tests and English proficiency tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS

3. Provide biometrics at the Visa Application Center (VAC)

4. Submit passport upon study permit approval

UK Student Visa

To pursue study in the UK, you need to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa. Get a UK student visa consultant in Ahmedabad.

1. Obtain CAS from a licensed Tier 4 sponsor

2. Fill out the visa application form, and pay the fee, the documents required:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months and with at least one blank page
  • CAS and offer letter from licensed Tier 4 sponsor
  • Financial documentation to prove the adequacy of funds to pay for the course and support  living expenses during the program
  • Fee receipt
  • Tuberculosis test results

3. Consent from the legal guardian if the applicant is below 18 Schedule an appointment and submits biometrics, and photographs at VAC

4. Collect passport and biometric residence permit (BRP)

Australia Student Visa

To get a student visa (subclass 500), you can apply directly to an Australian education provider, and download the application form from the provider’s website, through the Course Search tool. An Australian education agent can help if you need assistance. You need to submit the required documents with your form, such as: 

  • All educational certificates from the institutions attended 
  • English language proficiency evidence
  • Certificates or documents that verify previous study or work experience if you are seeking course credits.                                                                    

The process of acquiring a student visa can be stressful but we are here to help you with the process so that you can go to your dream course smoothly.


Planning to Study in the UK? – You must join our Education Summit 2022

Studying in the UK is one of the precious dreams for many, but what most fear is the process to choose the best university for you. But just choosing a university does not end the process, in fact, it is just the start. You could choose the wrong course, not submitting correct documents, missing deadlines, and not planning everything out properly might cause a stop in your dream, even before it begins. Get your UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad easily with our help.

With guidance from us, you could easily make your dreams a reality. With our study in UK consultants, you can easily navigate your way through all the obstacles. 

Education Experts for your Study in the UK

It can be difficult to search for Universities when you do not know what all the UK has to offer. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out your priorities and chose the specific course that fits you the best. With our biggest virtual event, Education Summit 2022, you can look into all the universities and courses and choose the one that appeals to you the most. >

Not just that you will find a diverse range of categories, that will help access the reasons for studying in one of the most dynamic and diverse countries. You can use this opportunity to interact with the representatives of prominent universities, understand the lifestyle, understand the region and even think about career goals in the future.

Courses to choose 

Use this opportunity and learn all about the courses offered in the United Kingdom and how they can help in shaping your future. The courses include Information Technology, Engineering, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Research, Literature, Humanities, Community Service Programs, Teaching, Social Work, Civil Construction, Trade Courses, Nursing, and Vocational Courses.

You can learn all about the courses, meeting eligibility requirements, skill assessment, securing admission to a prestigious UK university, relevant job opportunities, career goals and future path. And you will not face any problems on your way to the UK as you would also get help from our visa consultants in Gujarat

English language proficiency test  

One of the most important criteria for a student visa is to crack the English language proficiency test, IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. Even though sometimes the requirement is waivered, it is not always the case. In most cases, the English Language Proficiency Test helps you in securing admission as they know that you have a mastery of the language. At the Education Summit, you can get detailed information regarding this. 

Dependent Visa 

In many cases, the administration allows student visa applicants to bring their dependents to the country. They can apply on a dependent visa that includes parents, partners, children, and siblings.

Immigration Health Surcharge

You will also get more information on health insurance or Immigration Health Surcharge as it is in many cases necessary to have health insurance that covers and secures your treatment in case, you are hospitalised. Mostly it is needed to be paid along with your visa fee. With our student visa consultant in Ahmedabad, you can effortlessly focus on your goals and leave the hassles to us.

And this is not all that is, you can get more information and clear all the doubts that you have regarding your application. We understand that applying to study abroad can be difficult and therefore, we are with you at all steps, until you reach the UK and are completely settled to venture into your dream life. With this opportunity turn all your dreams a reality and study in the UK for the next session intake.


Which Country is Better to Study Abroad: UK or USA?

To be able to study abroad is a dream for most of us and everyone has thought about this dream at least once. But choosing the right country is necessary to make the dream fruitful and a reality. And we are your study abroad consultants in Ahmedabad, who are going to give you all the answers to your questions and clear your doubts to give you the institution that fits all your perfect needs. Therefore, Studywise International is your guide to studying in the UK or studying in the USA and can help you with student visa consultants and all other things.

Both the United States of America and the United Kingdom are known for their high-quality education with most of the oldest established universities in the world. Thousands of international students opt for the USA or UK for its reputation and its renowned courses and program structure. The fantastic lifestyle, learning prospects, cultural exchange and career advancements are a few of the many reasons that everyone tries to go for further education in the countries. But which country’s program is most suited for you. We are here to answer you whether you need help for study in UK consultants or the USA student visa consultant in Ahmedabad.

Academic Term

Most of the courses in the USA start from mid to end August but some courses might start later. But mainly focuses on the Fall session and the Spring session. Whereas, courses in the UK start from mid-September to the start of October. But various universities have various intakes throughout the year and mainly focus on September intake or January intake.

Course Duration

The USA has a more standardized lengthy course period, undergraduates are usually three or four years, depending upon the course. A Master’s degree is of two years generally and the PhD program usually stretches from five to seven years. The UK is known for its short course duration, it has undergraduate degrees of three years. A Master’s degree is one year full-time and generally two years, part-time. The PhD is generally for three to a maximum of five years. So, you can easily choose to keep in mind the duration which fits you better.


It must be kept in mind that studying abroad is generally costly, therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind the overall finance. But mostly, as lifestyle is a bit costlier along with the course duration being long when compared, the tuition cost is higher in the USA in comparison to the UK. Various scholarships, financial aids and loans are available for both countries. Both the countries provide on-campus work, which generally stretches from 15-20 hours a week, that can help you earn a little and also provide you with some work experience.
Both countries have varied courses which can enrich your academics and also provide you with adequate experience for the future. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a program that fits you the best.


Top 10 Reasons why you should study in the UK

Studying abroad is a dream for many and everyone has thought about it at least once. But what becomes confusing is the process and choosing the right country for you. And we are your study group in the UK consultant, who are going to give you all the answers to your questions and clear your doubts to give you the institution that fits all your perfect needs. Therefore, Studywise International is your guide to studying in the UK and can help you with student visa consultants in Gujarat

The United Kingdom is known for its high-quality education with few of the oldest established universities in the world. Thousands of international students opt for the UK for its reputation and its well-rounded courses and program structure. The fantastic lifestyle, learning prospects, cultural exchange and career advancements are a few of the many reasons that everyone tries to go for further education in the United Kingdom amongst many, such as:

  • Academic Reputation

The UK has few of the oldest universities in the world with a long history of providing world-class education. Among the top ten universities of the world, four of them are found in the UK.

  • Welcoming Culture

The UK is a hub of communities and culture which makes it a welcoming space for everyone. You can expand your knowledge with the multi-ethenic diversity and get to know about the world. It will be your little zone of comfort far away from home.

  • Work opportunities

Many people don’t know this but college can be expensive and one of the perks of studying in the UK is that it provides work up to 20 hours a week and full-time during vacations, making you earn a little and gain more experience in work cultures and different industries also.

  • English as an international language

Unlike many European countries, English is the primary mode of teaching, it helps you better your language skills and prepares you for your career goals.

  • Healthcare is free

If you are studying in the UK for more than 6 months, you can access full-time NHS coverage, making the need for healthcare financing low.

  • Graduate employability

The UK has a high rank of graduate employability, making your placement prospects high, pushing you closer to your dreams.

  • Shorter course duration

The span of courses in the UK is shorter in comparison to other countries, making it an ideal place to kick-start your career. Masters in the UK in most universities are a 1-year program.

  • Lower fees

As the course span is lower, the tuition fees are also drastically reduced. Another benefit is that the living cost also becomes less, given part-time work opportunities. 

  • Quality Assistance Agency

Most of the universities are approved and checked by the government and have to maintain the high standards of learning, research and teaching of the Quality Assistance Agency.

  • Esteemed degree

The degree from the UK is accepted everywhere and is seen as one of the primer forms of education.

Study In UK 

Study in Uk consultants will help student students to gain more knowledge about studying in Uk and its benefits. Students can have one on one interactions with consultants and solve their doubts and query and the consultant will help students to make their dream come true to study in the UK.


The Ultimate Guide about UK Student Visa for Indian Students

Every student has some dreams regarding their higher studies. Studying abroad is one of the most common wishes of the students.

Among the most popular destinations for studying abroad are the US and the UK.

In 2021, the UK received more visa applications by Indian students, especially after easing travel restrictions and the abolition of compulsory quarantine for Indians travelling to the UK.

Reportedly, the ministers are planning to relax immigration restrictions for Indian students also, thereby making it simpler to live and work in the UK.

Every year, students from across key cities in India go to study in the UK. Be it Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore or Ahmedabad.

If you are a student from India who has been accepted to study in the UK, then you will need a visa.

In India, you can consult a student visa consultants in Gujarat. A visa consultant can help you fulfil the necessary formalities to get you the right visa that will enable you to study and stay in the UK. The visa can even allow you to work part-time during your study duration.

For international students, the UK student visa depends on their level of study at their institution. As per the UK government, there are four categories of visas for international students.

  • Student visa: For students aged 16 and above to study in higher education institutions. If you’re going to UK universities, a student visa is right for you.
  • Short-term study visa: For students coming to the UK for English language courses lasting more than six months, up to 11 months.
  • Child student visa: This visa enables students, in the age group of 4 to 17 years, to study in the UK’s independent schools, but not in state-funded schools.
  • Standard visitor visa: For students who wish to pursue certain courses of less than 6 months or take examinations.

Essentials for UK student visa application

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), a reference number issued by your education provider in the UK.
  • Adequate funds for your tuition fee and living costs. The tuition fee amount is also listed on the CAS.
  • Proof of your English language proficiency.

The process to get the UK visa in India

  • Check and keep all your documents in order. The student visa application can be filled out online or can be printed, signed, and submitted at the nearest UK visa centre.
  • Pay the application fee of 348 pounds. Also, pay the Immigration Health Surcharge*.
  • You can apply for priority service at an additional cost for faster visa processing.
  • Submit your biometrics at your nearest visa centre for BRP* (Biometric Residence Permit), which can be collected after you arrive in the UK from your nearest post office or your institution.

*For studying more than 6 months
If you are in Gujarat, a professional and well-experienced UK student visa consultant in Ahmedabad can guide you through the process of your application. For more information, get in touch today!


Things you need to know about studying in the UK post-Covid-19

Many students dream of studying abroad at the undergraduate or postgraduate level to gain a competitive edge over their peers. And the most common rather popular countries on every student’s wish list are the UK and the USA.

In the last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the worst sufferers were those students who had enrolled to study in the UK universities, like De Montfort University (DMU), as everything came to a standstill, putting students and their parents in a dilemma.

While the situation is new to all, there are still study abroad counsellors and UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad who help the students in every possible way. The consultants are on their toes to make students aware of the changing rules, regulations, protocols, and even help with DMU student accommodation in the UK.

Despite the pandemic impact, the desire to study in the UK has not changed. As per the study abroad counsellors, it’s the quality of education and better opportunities that students get after graduating from foreign universities, making them a popular choice.  

According to the UK Home Office data, more than 90,000 students from India were issued visas in the 12 months period ending September 2021. This is around a 102 per cent increase compared to September 2020.  


Are students from red list countries with student visas eligible to travel to the UK?

Yes, the students with UK student visas from red list countries can travel to the UK. According to the UK government guidance on student travel, students entering the UK should strictly follow the entry norms set by the government.

Students from Gujarat can check with the UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad, who can provide firsthand information.

What kind of support do international students get in the UK?

Besides the university student union, support for international students coming to the UK can be sought from the British Council, Study UK, The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), and the preferred university’s international office.

Notably, the UK universities offer numerous support services related to Covid-19, like food packages, technical support for online learning, support required during the self-isolation period, and many other services.

What happens if any student is unable to complete his/her course due to Covid-19?

If any international student in the UK is unable to complete their study course due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they are allowed to extend their Student/Tier 4 Visa in the UK. The student shall be exempted from the rules & regulations related to standard academic progression.

Will a student lose their Tier 4/Student visa if they depart from the UK during the pandemic and are unable to return within 60 days?

The UK government won’t consider a breach of sponsor duties if a student decides to return to their country during the pandemic but wishes to continue their study course in the UK through distance learning. In such a case, a student is allowed to retain their Tier4/Student Visa in the UK.

On the contrary, if a student does not pursue their study through distance learning for over 30 days, even if they are in the UK, the sponsorships will be withdrawn, which would affect their Tier4/Student Visa.

What are the vaccination rules for students travelling to the UK?

If a student is fully vaccinated, they should:

  • Take a Covid-19 test on or before the second day of their arrival in the UK 
  • Complete a passenger locator form within 48 hours of their arrival 

If a student is not fully vaccinated, they should:

  • Take a pre-departure Covid-19 test three days before arriving in the UK 
  • Take a Covid-19 test on day 2 and day 8 after they arrive in the UK
  • Complete a passenger locator form within 48 hours of their arrival 

The approved vaccines for Indian students include Covaxin and Covishield. All the fully vaccinated students must submit their vaccination certificate as proof of vaccination status on the UK passenger locator form. 

If you are based in Gujarat, you can connect with the best UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad, who can guide and help you at every step, from visa requirements to pre-departure orientation. The students of the De Montfort University can also seek assistance for DMU student accommodation. For more information, contact us today.